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How to Request Proof of Contract for Council Tax from Your Local Council


Paying taxes is an obligation that comes with residing in a community, and council tax is one such obligation for residents in many local jurisdictions. However, you might wonder, is there a contractual basis for this tax? If you're curious to know more about the legal obligations regarding council tax and how you can inquire about it, read on. Below is a sample letter you can use to ask your local council for a proof of contract concerning your council tax obligations.

Disclaimer: The sample letter provided in this blog should not be considered legal advice. Not paying your council tax could result in legal repercussions. Always consult a legal advisor for your specific situation.

What Is Council Tax?

Council tax is a local tax that helps to pay for local services like garbage collection, local schools, and police. However, the question some might have is whether or not there's a contractual obligation to pay this tax.

Why Would You Request a Proof of Contract?

For some, the notion of entering into a contract brings a level of transparency and understanding of the obligations from both parties. Requesting a proof of contract can help to understand the legal basis upon which you're obligated to pay council tax.

Sample Letter to Request Proof of Contract for Council Tax

Below is a template you can use to draft your letter. Please note that this is a sample and may require personalisation to fit your specific needs.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, Town, Post Code]

[Email Address]

[Phone Number]


[Local Council Name]

[Council Address]

[City, Town, Post Code]

Subject: Request for Proof of Contract for Council Tax Obligations

Dear [Councilor/Local Authority],

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to inquire about the legal basis for the council tax that I am currently being charged. According to the documentation I have received, I am obligated to pay a council tax for my residence at [Your Address]. However, I have not seen any contractual agreement between [Local Council Name] and myself that stipulates the terms, conditions, and requirements for this tax.

In the spirit of mutual understanding and lawful compliance, I kindly request a copy of the contract that legally obligates me to pay this council tax. If such a contract exists, please send it to me at the earliest opportunity for my review.

Please understand that I have no issue fulfilling my legal obligations, including the payment of council tax, once I have been shown the contractual basis that establishes this requirement. Until then, I believe it is within my rights to withhold payment, as there is, to my knowledge, no proof of a legally binding contract between [Local Council Name] and myself concerning this matter.

I would appreciate your prompt attention to this issue. If I do not receive the requested documentation within [reasonable time, e.g., 30 days], I will assume that no such contract exists and will proceed accordingly. I look forward to resolving this matter amicably and in compliance with the law.


[Your Name]



If you're interested in understanding the legal basis of your obligation to pay council tax, sending a letter requesting proof of contract is one way to seek clarity. However, always consult a legal advisor before taking actions like withholding payments, as this could lead to legal repercussions.

Remember, the sample letter provided here is just a template, and it's essential to adapt it to fit your specific situation and needs.

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